Before using any field for calculation you need to configure that field for calculation. Configuration of calculation field is described step by step below:

1. Go to the Application in which you want to use the calculation field.

2. Select the Calculation tab from the top and  click on "New Calculation" button.

3. Select the Field on which you want to use calculations from the popped up drop down and click on "Create". (A field can be selected only once for calculation).

4. To configure the selected field for calculation, click on "Edit"  of the selected field from the Action dropdown.

5. Select the field for calculation, write your code, save, test code for validation and publish it. Now, whenever the target item is created or updated, the calculation will be performed on the item and values set on the field. If the calculation results in an error, then no value is set on the field.


Supported fields for calculation :

1. Text

2. Rich Text (HTML)

3. Duration

4. Date/Time

5. Progress

6. Checkbox

7. Money 

8. Number