Please note that just like all 3rd part application connectors in Fusionmint, Podio connector is available only for Team, Business and Enterprise accounts, you can see plan details here https://fusionmint.com/pricing

Podio API Keys:

To get started with the integration, you need to create API keys in Podio for Fusionmint to have access to your workspaces and applications. Login into Podio and click on the User icon to top right corner of your account. From here click on "Account Settings".

Next click on the API Keys tab, that will give you to option to create your custom API keys for integration. In "Application name" field enter your company name like "ABC Inc." as API key. In the "Full domain" field enter "fusionmint.com" as you need to authorize our app for Podio. Once everything is entered, click on the "Generate API Key" button to create your key.

After the page is refreshed, you can see your custom API key below.


Adding Podio API Key In Fusionmint

Once you get your API keys, the next step would be to add these keys to your Fusionmint account. On the bottom left side navigation in Fusionmint, click on the User icon and then click on the "External Account" tab. Here you will see Podio connection settings that you will need to add. Click on the "Connect" button that will open a popup window where you can enter your Podio API keys. 

In the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" input fields enter your Podio API key values and click on "Connect" button to authorize your Podio account.

Once you see the Podio authorization page, click on the "Grant access" button to complete authorization.

On successful authorization and page refresh, you can see your Podio account in the "External Accounts" table.

You now need to use this account to integrate Podio with Fusionmint as described here Installing Podio Connector