Podio connector offers only one-way synchronization from Podio to Fusionmint.

There are two working modes of Podio connector:

Real-Time Integration

In this mode, once you select the Workspaces for sync, all applications, and items with files and comments are synchronized with Fusionmint. After doing full initial synchronization, all changes to your Podio data are synchronized in real-time with Fusionmint. This mode is helpful when you want to use only our Workflow Automation features but still want to use Podio as your primary data source.

Once you save the connector configuration, this mode is activated by default and you need not do anything else to enable this mode.

Data Migration

In this mode, once you save the configurations, you have the option to completely migrate your Podio data with Fusionmint. In Real-Time integration mode, you will see the following message as highlighted below:

Whenever you are ready to migrate your Podio data with us, click on the "Migrate" button as wait for a few minutes to let migration to complete. Refresh the tab after a few minutes to see the "Status" value that displays the current migration status. When the "Status" value is Complete click on the "Disconnect" button to disconnect your Podio account with Fusionmint. Now you are ready to use all Collaboration and other features of Fusionmint.