Installing Podio Connector:

Under the Organization, create a new Workspace for Podio integration. To learn more about Workspaces, you can see here Workspace Administration

Once the Workspace is setup, click on the "App Store" tab in Workspace. Here you will find Podio with other integrations we offer under our "Connect" feature. Click on "Install" button to install Podio for your current Workspace.

Setting Up Podio Connector:

After successful installation and Workspace refresh, you will find the "Podio" tab for setting up the access. Select the Podio account you created earlier that will be used to retrieve your Podio data.

On selecting the account, you will see the Podio Organizations to which you have access. Select the target Organization and below that, you will see the list of Workspaces that you can select for integration with Fusionmint. After selecting all target Workspaces, click on Save button to save the configuration and complete integration.


On saving the configuration, you will see Podio connector message as shown below.

On successful setup, your Podio data is retrieved for selected Workspaces and the following data is synchronized with Fusionmint:

  • Applications
  • Items
  • Item files and comments
  • Workspace Users

By default, the integration is set up for real-time synchronization and you can now use all Workflow automation features of Fusionmint as described here Workflow Automation

To see the list of possible Workflow automation in this mode see here Podio Automation

Details on different Podio connector modes are available in next article Podio Connector Modes