Installing Campaign Monitor Connector:

Campaign Monitor can be installed into any existing or a new Workspace under your Organization. To learn more about Workspaces, you can see here Workspace Administration

Once the Workspace is setup, click on the "App Store" tab in Workspace. Here you will find Campaign Monitor with other integrations we offer under our "Connect" feature. Click on "Install" button to install Campaign Monitor for your current Workspace.

Setting Up The Connector:

After successful installation and Workspace refresh, you will find the "Campaign Monitor" tab for setting up the authorization and configuration. When using the connector for the first time, you will have to add new Campaign Monitor authorization by clicking on the "Add Account" button.

Clicking the "Add Account" button opens a popup window, where in you need to enter your username (email) and password to begin authorization. 

Please note that we do not store your username/email and password for connecting Fusionmint with Campaign Monitor. The access we get from Campaign Monitor to retrieve your data is temporary which can be revoked by you anytime from Campaign Monitor.

There is no need to change your username and password for disabling Fusionmint access.

Clicking on "Log In" button after entering your username and password takes you to your Campaign Monitor account that you can select for integration. If you have multiple accounts under one username, make sure you select the right one.

After selecting the right account and clicking on Continue, Campaign Monitor will display the permissions that we will be requesting.

Click on "Allow access" button to complete the authorization. Once its complete, you will see our Campaign Monitor account in your Workspace tab:

Click on "Save" button to use this Campaign Monitor account for all integrations inside this Workspace.

This enables the "List Synchronization" settings for your Campaign Monitor account as shown below. You can use this section to create mappings between your Fusionmint Companies, Contacts and Subscribers with Campaign Monitor Lists and Subscribers.

To create your List Synchronization see here Synchronizing Fusionmint Application With Campaign Monitor Lists